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What does it mean to be Stunning & Stylish?

First let’s start with Stunning. If you look online for the definition of Stunning you will find it means strikingly impressive especially in beauty or excellence. If we go back a step and look up the root of Stunning, we find Stun means to astonish; astound; amaze. Some of the synonyms for Stunning are very interesting as well. They are remarkable, extraordinary, incredible, outstanding, astonishing, marvelous, splendid. To be Stunning means you embrace your amazing, outstanding, incredible, beautiful self. To be Stunning means you accept who you are created to be in this world and live full out in your purpose. To be Stunning means you accept that you are not Perfect, that you are Flawed and that you are Beautiful!

The dictionary defines Stylish as having or displaying a good sense of style. Let’s step back here as well and look at the definition of style which is a distinctive appearance. Some of the synonyms for Stylish are polished, sharp, up-to-date. To be Stylish means that you know what good style is and how you should dress in a distinctive way to reflect your personality. To be Stylish means you know who you are on the Inside and know how to reflect that on the Outside.

When you put together being Stunning & Stylish, you embrace your amazing self and your appearance reflects it!